*Enhance Your Wiki With A Trick Or Two*
You have control over 3 things - what you think, what you say, and how you behave
To be response-able means that you are able to determine your response
Being Proactive means -
- showing initiative
- taking control of yourself
- taking control of your attitudes
- taking responsibility for your choices and actions, and their consequences
- recognizing that your success is up to you
- taking control of your learning
- stopping, thinking, asking 'What is the right thing to do?'
- gaining control of your emotions
- making patience your choice

on the other hand being reactive means -
- blaming all of your problems on your parents, your stupid teachers, your lousy neighbourhood, your boyfriend, the government, or somebody else or anybody else
- be a victim
- take no responsibility for your life
- act like an animal
  • if you're hungry, eat
  • if someone shouts at you, shout back
  • if you feel like throwing something, throw it
- if you feel like doing something you know is wrong, just do it