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Each submission must be in a plastic folder with the best of the previously marked submissions as well as all versions of the current phase. When a phase/chapter is complete the previous drafts should be removed leaving just the most correct version of that phase. This implies that all submissions must be in hard copy format.

No drafts will be accepted on the day before a final deadline (for a section) and no printing will be allowed on final deadline days. You are expected to manage your time in such a way that all you will need to do on the day that a submission is due is simply turn it in to the teacher as it would have already been printed.
Note also that while individual chapters may be freely printed in the computer lab as the project is being developed, the Computer Science/Information Technology 5 sheets printing limit means that you will not be able to print your final project for free.

Please hand in drafts during class time. That way the teacher will not mistakenly mislay your project with other work or documents.

The terms 'manual', 'manual operations' and 'manual system' are not to appear in either your problem definition or your analysis. In addition please note that no problem is ever caused by an organization not having a computer.

Be aware that you need to position your text and diagrams on your pages in such a manner that you have reasonable margins and a gutter.

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