*Enhance Your Wiki With A Trick Or Two*

Putting First Things First means -
- learning to prioritize
- managing your time well
- focusing on what's important
- completing important tasks
- schedule your priorities

on the other hand putting first things last means -
- always put off your homework until tomorrow
- first watch tv, surf the net, talk on the phone and lounge around and anything else you can think of, then do important tasks like studying
- put the temporary things before the things that matter in the long run
- prioritize your schedule


The procrastinator will always find herself in the red quadrant with urgent and important matters outstanding. Then those matter have to be dealt with immediately.
The yes-girl will always find herself in the yellow quadrant, always busy with non essential issues.
The slacker operates in the white quadrant; nothing of consequence ever gets done
The planner will always find herself in the blue quadrant. Crisis are avoided.