*Enhance Your Wiki With A Trick Or Two*


1. The corridor and rooms form a silent zone
2. Walk at all times
3. Never go into a lab without the permission of a teacher or the technician.
4. Absolutely no food, drink or sweets of any kind is permitted in any of the rooms.
5. Raise your hand when you wish to speak
6. Stand when a teacher enters the room
7. Stand when you are addressing the teacher or the class
8. Be kind in action and speech at all times
9. Use the printer only with express permission from the teacher
10. Always have your storage medium on hand
11. Remove your storage medium from the system unit at the end of the class
12. Shut down the computer, turn off the monitor and place your chair under the table when you are leaving


The date given for assignments is not the due date. It is instead the deadline i.e. the final date on which the work will be accepted. That means that you are free to hand in the assignment before the deadline and, in general it will therefore not be accepted after that date. Most especially the following excuses are not valid reasons for an assignment being late and will NOT be accepted even if your parent sends in a note to that effect:

  • I forgot
  • I was not at school when you gave that piece of work
  • I do not have a computer at home
  • the computer crashed
  • my files are corrupted
  • I lost my jump drive
  • the printer is not working
  • the printer ran out of ink
  • I had a busy week of exams, other assignments
  • I had a test
  • I had to go out of town/the country
  • I had a field trip
  • I had a doctor's or dentist's appointment
  • my partner did not come to the meeting(s)
  • my partner has the file/paper and did not come to school today
  • I had it but you did not ask for it
  • I did not come to school that day and this is the first time we're having a class since then
  • there was a natural disaster

Late work will only therefore be accepted with a valid written excuse from home AND if the marked assignment has not already been returned to the class. You will lose 5% for every day (Sunday to Saturday) for which it was late.

Work for me is to be handed to me, not to any other teacher. In addition, leaving work on the desk in the Lab is not regarded as handing in work.


95% or more on a test will get you a star
100% on a piece of classwork will also get you a star
Three straight As on homework, classwork or projects (excluding the above) will earn you a star too

Merits are given at the sole discretion of the teacher


As per the school's rules, failure to turn in a piece of work will get you an automatic recorded detention
Playing a computer game without permission during class time will also get you a recorded detention
Accesssing unapproved websites in the lab will also get you a recorded detetion (at least)
Failure to come to class prepared will get you a warning on the first occasion, a work detention for a second offense and a recorded detention on every occasion thereafter. (Note: prepared means with textbook, information sheets and jump drive)
If you are late for class without a written excuse from a teacher explaining the delay , you will remain standing for that class; On the third occasion you will not be allowed into the lab at all.